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The author of this site is a solo practitioner, licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1971. He is licensed to practice before the Illinois state Supreme Court, the trial bar of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Illinois State and Federal Appellate Courts, and the United States Supreme Court. Although his practice concentrates in the area of criminal law, it includes a wide range of civil litigation, as well.
Quilici was one of the principal litigants among those who brought actions against the Village of Morton Grove in 1981 to combat the then famous, or infamous, handgun ban-- depending on your point of view.
He is General Counsel for the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), one of the foremost state association of its kind in the United States. Quilici also serves as legal counsel in Illinois for the Collector Arms Dealers Association (CADA), one of the largest gun collectors association in the country. His legal work has included pro bono representation for the National League of Families of the American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia (MIA/POW) and the American Legion. When an outcry arose over abuse of the American flag, he helped organize supporters and wrote the petition against flag abuse which was ultimately signed by hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans. Quilici is a veteran of the Korean War.

Courtrooms in the old west could be challenging

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