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Gun Rights Organizations
Illinois State Rifle Association The foremost Illinois pro-gun association in the state. Offers shooting, training, educational and public service programs similar to those of NRA -- on a local state level. Lobbies Illinois state legislators regarding firearm issues.
National Rifle Association (NRA) The principal nationwide pro-gun organization. Powerful lobby in D.C.
Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) One of the oldest nationwide pro-gun organizations focusing on the Second Amendment.
Second Amendment Sisters Fights for the basic human right of self-defense as recognized by the Second Amendment.
Liberty Belles Slogan is: “Put the 2nd Amendment First.” Advocates women’s self-defense.
Keep and Bear Arms Backed the Silviera case that came close. A solid Second Amendment group.
Armed Females of America Focuses on freedom-loving women who support 2nd Amendment “individual rights” principles.
Self-Protection Oriented Groups
Airline Pilots Security Alliance Supports the Cockpit Security Technical Corrections and Improvements Act of 2004. Also presents G.A.R.D. Training for air crews.
Hunting and Shooting Associations
The Hunting & Shooting Sports Heritage Fund A National Shooting Sports Association funded website providing a wide variety of information for firearm owners, including a Municipal Firearms litigation “scorecard” showing the status of lawsuits brought against the firearm industry.
Civilian Markmanship Program (CMP) This organization promotes firearms safety training for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. The program operates through a network of affiliated shooting clubs and associations that covers every state in the U.S..
Collector & Sports Associations
Collector Arms Dealers Association (CADA) An organization dedicated to the upgrading of the arms dealers fraternity and to improving their image. Promotes “collector” gun shows throughout the U.S.A.
Pioneer Valley Sportsmans Association (PVSA) A sportsmans club that manages one of the major gun shows in Illinois, and promotes state-approved hunter safety education, boating safety education and snowmobile safety education programs.
Other Organizations We Just Like
In Memory of: Madeline De La Roca Roy, who many believe was the sweetest , most lovable Weimaraner that ever lived. Every day of her life she showed her love and undying affection for our family and friends, and in her walks, or riding in a vehicle, she was viewed by passersby with a smile or comment on her beauty and manners. Over the years, she made thousands happy with her looks and demeanor. She will be sorely missed, and deeply mourned as with Weimaraner Misty--the Crown Princess of hunters--who left her own legacy for all to remember.
Heartland Weimaraner Rescue Rescues Weimaraners (both a great pointer and friend of children). One of its principal missions is to put "puppy mills" out of business legally.
Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas, Inc. Engages in rescue operations and perpetuating foster homes for displaced pets. Also aims at legally putting an end to "puppy mills."
North Shore Animal League America The NSLA America mission begins with a proactive approach to saving lives of pets. It focuses on rescuing and restoring homeless animals to loving homes.
The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary This is an animal rescue group that takes in really helpless animals that have serious infirmities. For example, blind horses, dogs or cats with only three legs, etc.
The Illinois Federation of Hunting Dogs (I.F.H.D.) This organization’s main focus is the preservation of the sport of hunting with dogs, and working to conserve the State’s natural resources so that future generations will enjoy “hunting with dogs in our great outdoors.”

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